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By: Chuck Gohn

Decrease Employee Turnover

How can you decrease employee turnover? What can you do to fix or control your problem?

1. Make managers accountable for retention. Often times, restaurant owners are concerned about financial results at the expense of employee turnover. What they don't realize that constant turnover is crippling the operation. High turnover leads to poor service, and low employee moral. Do you want unhappy employees service your customers?

2. Train managers to establish and develop retention skills, instead of simply following policies and procedures. So often I see restaurant operators enforcing policies that encourages employee turnover.

3. Improve hiring and selection. By improving the selection process you increase your chances of finding the right employee for the job. This can dramatically decrease your turnover.

4. Bolster recruiting efforts. Use all the tools available to recruit the best talent.

5. Increase efforts to retain top talent. You have a lot of money and time invested in your top employees. Take the time to do all you can to retain them.

6. Re-energize and refocus retention programs. Good companies have great managers. Good front-line managers improve employee retention. Managers must gain retention skills, which are distinct from general manager competencies. Managers must be retention monitors, trust builders, "empowerers" and experts in demonstrating and promoting flexibility.

7. Make turnover reduction part of your organization' culture. Don't just let it become a short-term campaign.

About the author:  Chuck Gohn is President of The Food & Beverage Manager. For a free subscription to his on-line newsletter send an email request or visit his website at

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