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Managing Section

New Managers
  • Bad Management: What's your Management Style?
  • Bad Management: Your Employee's Perspective
  • Criticize Effectively
  • Dating An Employee is Never a Good Idea
  • Delegating is Your Key to Success
  • Effective Managers
  • Shift Scheduling for Part Time Employees
  • The Most Important New Manager Tip: Just Be Yourself
  • What is a Manager

    Experienced Managers
  • Are you a weak manager?
  • Best Practice Training
  • Consistent Management
  • Developing Managers
  • Great Employees?
  • How to Get a Job Promotion
  • Language Training for Employees
  • Restaurant Manager Leadership Traits
  • The Bad Employee
  • The Happy Employee
  • Training New Employees
  • Traits of an Effective Restaurant Manager
  • Waiter Training: Pre-Shift Meetings

    Improving Customer Service
  • A Customer Service Tip: Everything is NOT OK
  • Bad Customer Service is YOUR Fault
  • Customer Service Principles
  • First Impression Tips for Restaurant Owners
  • Front Desk Hospitality: First Impressions Count
  • How to Deal with a Difficult Customer
  • Service Equals Performance Equals Service
  • What Is Customer Service?


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