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By: Chuck Gohn

Effective Managers

Management observers are continuously coming up with characteristics of effective managers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

They continuously try to better past performance.

Rather than resting on past laurels, they never let themselves become too comfortable in their job.

They are problem solvers and enjoy challenges.

They are flexible and adapt to change.

They anticipate future problems, rehearsing coming events in their minds. As the U.S. Navy preaches to its officers: "Be forehanded." They tend to be future oriented.

They do not cry over spilled milk or hold trials for placing blame for what went wrong.

Contrary to behaving like a good bureaucrat and dodging responsibility, the effective manager seeks out responsibility.

They handle rejection or temporary failure without becoming unduly discouraged.

They are perfectionists; however, they can act in the absence of complete information, and allow others the latitude to reach common goals in their own way. In other words, good managers build others by delegating and team building.

They perceive people as ends, not means.

They take responsibility for employees.

They build employee independence and initiative.

They communicate confidence in themselves and the enterprise.

They remember that they are the role models and that employees quickly pick up their habits, values, concern for others, and determination to get things done.

They have concern and compassion for employee well-being.

They lead by example, with consistency and fairness.

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