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This is the perfect place to promote yourself or your business FOR FREE for a very long time. We'll get you in front of new, highly targetted potential customers who are searching for what you're writing about every day.

If you have articles that:

  • have only been published on your site
  • were published once but are not archived elsewhere
  • are on the web in several places, but are not easily found on search engines as yet unpublished
  • ...this is the perfect place to feature them.

    Is This Really a Free Service?
    Yes it is. There is no charge to be featured on Restaurant Voice.

    Who owns the copyright to these articles?
    You do. It's your work! We direct additional re-print requests to you.

    If my work is accepted, what else do you need from me?

  • 5-6 line biography of who you are, your speciality, and a sentence or two about the capabilities of your consultancy
  • the link you want back to your website
  • any other contact information you'd like repeated here (phone, address, etc.)
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